What is the socioeconomic contribution of the companies Aderly supports?

Aderly decided to quantify the local effect of the companies it has supported since they established themselves in the area over the last 10 years by modelling their economic impact (number of jobs sustained, contribution to GDP etc.) on the region using France’s leading economic modelling tool, LOCAL FOOTPRINT®, in a study conducted by Utopies.

The study analysed both the local impact (Amelyse, the Lyon and Saint-Etienne metropolitan region), with a population of 3.4 million) and the national impact (France) of the Agency’s activity with a fine level of sector-specific and geographical detail, enabling Aderly to focus its actions and make them a major strategic element of its strategy.

What are the main flows generated by the companies Aderly has helped to set up?

Study methodology

The study quantifies the main socioeconomic impacts generated by Aderly’s activities based on numbers of direct jobs at the 569 companies supported by the Agency over the last 10 years that were still active in 2020, thanks to open data from INSEE (and the SIRENE/ESANE database).



still active out of the 884 set up in the region with Aderly’s support
over the period 2008-2019.


36 %

A closure rate

31% between 2009-2018, with the Covid-19 period certainly affecting this rate), still higher that the French average of 46 % (source: OpenData INSEE Siren)



Direct jobs

10,386 jobs (vs. 9,917 during the previous period)

8 %

of net job creation in Amelyse

between 2010 and 2019

Company breakdown by business sector

Modelling of their economic activities in 2019

The large size of the sample of companies enabled the use of the LOCAL FOOTPRINT®** tool across 380 sectors to model the main monetary flows in Aderly’s activity sectors based on sectoral and local statistics (production, added value, purchasing, salaries and taxation).

1,775 m

of total revenue, 32% of which involves companies with foreign capital

775 m

of Added Value in Amelyse, equal to the value of production minus intermediate consumption

565 m

of gross salaries paid

830 m

of purchases made, including 72% in AMELYSE

54 m

of taxes paid

** details of the methodology can be found at www.utopies.com

What is the socioeconomic impact of the companies set up with Aderly’s support?

Screenshot_2021-05-28 Aderly Présentation(4)
2,5 bn

of GDP generated

in the French economy, including around 69% in Amelyse

Screenshot_2021-05-28 Aderly Présentation(1)
32 %

of this impact is due to companies with foreign capital

The three major high-impact sectors in France

Comparison of indicators for 10 years of activity (2019 and 2020 studies)

Presentation of the Local Footprint® tool

A RIMS (Regional Input–Output Multipliers)-type statistical tool for evaluating socioeconomic impact, this leading model aggregates several geographical and sectoral analysis modules as well as “Input–Output” tables. It reproduces the operation of a regional economy as realistically as possible and draws on a variety of sources: statistical data from Eurostat, INSEE and BEA with details of 380 sectors, local calibration to the specific features of the area being analysed (INSEE employment data for specific activity sectors) and location quotients (University of the West of England, Bristol).

This model and its results have been audited and peer-reviewed several times since 2013 by private and public institutions (INSEE, EY, KPMG etc.) over a wide range of missions in France and abroad, across every sector and at every territorial level.

This study was conducted in 2021 by the Sustainable Local Economies team at UTOPIES, a pioneering consultancy firm in the field of sustainable development strategy created in 1993.