The figure for new business set-ups in the Lyon region fell in 2020, in line with predictions for the Covid-19 pandemic. In terms of overall results, 72 projects nevertheless went ahead, and these will generate 1,840 jobs over the next three years. 

Thanks to several high-employment projects, the number of jobs per project was higher, demonstrating the strength of the area’s economic momentum. The figure rose to an average of 25.5 jobs per project from 21.3 jobs in 2019.

2020 results

résultats globaux gb

Project and job breakdown by sector

Répartition par filiere gb

The biggest sector in terms of companies established and jobs created is services (for both businesses and consumers). This sector accounts for 37 newly established companies and 699 jobs within three years. The other four sectors (ecotechnologies, industry, life sciences and digital technology) add up to more or less the same number of projects. However, the ecotechnology sector created the most jobs (491, an average of nearly 55 jobs per project). 

Geographical origin of the capital

Origines des capitaux gb

When it comes to sources of capital, the ratio of 60% French projects to 40% international projects remains stable compared with previous years. Europe is still the global region responsible for the most newly established companies, with 57% of the international results. However, countries vary widely from one year to the next.

Source of the projects set up

Origines des projets gb

The projects identified by Aderly’s business development/location advisers come from direct contacts (60%), promotion and close relationships with the Agency’s partners (i.e. Business France) and decision-makers.

Business set-up locations


Companies established in 2020

Cleantechnologies 9 companies / 491 jobs

Company nameParent company activity Site activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
ALLIANZSolar photovoltaic and thermal energyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France12
AMARENCOPhotovoltaic power generationSales officeIreland13
IB VOGTPhotovoltaic power plant developmentSales officeGermany25
JU TIAN ECO-MATERIALEnvironmentally friendly tablewareSales officeTaïwan 6
LES ALCHIMISTESOrganic compost productionService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France22
NOWOSRecycling and reusing lithium-ion batteries for cyclesIndustrial productionNetherlands100
SYMBIOHydrogen fuel cellsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France300
TERRA INNOVARecovering soil from construction sitesSales officeFrance10
UPCYCLEOn-site food waste recoverySales officeFrance3

Industry 10 companies / 255 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
ARAYMONDFixing systems for industry and automotiveService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France20
CYCLOPONICSUnderground organic urban farmProduction Services (dont Maintenance / Support) France10
LION DISTRIBUTION - EOVOLTE-bike assemblyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France20
MAROQUINERIE DES PIERRES DORÉESLeather goods and saddleryService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France100
NEXANS FRANCECable transmission linesR&D centreFrance20
REMANTE GROUPAutomotive part reconditioningLogistics centreCzech Republic10
RIDE 100PERCENTProtective products for bikers and cyclistsSales officeUSA25
ROSENBAUER INTERNATIONALFire protection equipmentSales officeAustria 25
STTS SURFACESurface treatment solutionsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France15
TWINTECSteel-reinforced concrete flooringService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France10

Digital 8 companies / 179 jobs

Name companyParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
E-DEMAINSoftware solutions for energy renovationsSales officeFrance 12
ENERTIVOptimising energy consumption for tertiary buildingsSales officeUSA8
JOBTEASERRecruitment platform for hiring young peopleService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 40
KALISOFTIT consultancy and servicesService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 60
PIXALIONETraffic monitoring and acquisitionService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 20
SCALEFASTDistribution infrastructure and softwareService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)USA 15
SOFTEXPERTManagement softwareSales officeBrasil 4
WAA AGROPRO ANNONCEAgrifood marketplaceSales officeFrance 20

Life sciences 8 companies / 216 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
AUSVETEpidemiology consultancyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Australia12
BENTA PHARMA INDUSTRIESPharmaceutical productsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Lebanon135
DIAGNOLYFoetal abnormality diagnosis and predictionR&D centreFrance12
EXYTE FRANCEClean room designSales officeGermany 13
IZON SCIENCES Nanoparticle measurement and isolationDecision-making centreNew Zealand3
MODJAW3D imaging for dental surgeonsSales officeFrance 20
PK MEDDrug delivery and biodegradable implantsR&D centreFrance 10
TRANSPORTEO INTERNATIONALMedical and emergency logisticsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 11

Services 37 companies / 699 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
ACALYEngineering consultancyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 75
ACTINEOMedical expertise in the field of physical injurySales officeGermany 60
AMSTEIN + WALTHERTTechnical expertise in construction and civil engineeringService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Switzerland 10
ATAUB Architecture firmService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 10
CEBATECFluid engineering design officeService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 10
CREDIT SAFECompany solvency informationSales officeNorway 20
DENTALINOVDental equipmentSales officeUSA15
DETOUR FILMAudiovisual productionSales officeBrazil 5
DVF Maintenance and services for railway tracks and overhead cablesService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 45
ESKIMOZ E-reputation and SEOSales officeFrance 20
ESSOR Business real estateService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 10
EVOLIGHT Lighting solutionsSales officeFrance 10
GOSTUDENT Online tutoring platformService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Austria 70
HR CONSEIL HR and HRIS consultancy firmSales officeFrance 15
INNOV8 GROUP Smart objectsLogistics centreFrance 50
JOBILX Digital solutions to reduce commutingService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 10
JUSTE HUMAIN Therapeutic arts workshops for childrenService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 3
KWIPERAsset managementService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 20
L-SHOP TEAM Communication media for eventsSales officeGermany 6
LASO TRANSPORTES Special convoysSales officePortugal 20
LES ATELIERS AMASCO Educational holidays for disadvantaged childrenService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 3
LITTLE WORKER Renovation and construction management for consumersDecision-making centreFrance 20
LONGRE EDUCATION GROUP Foreign language teachingSales officeChina 10
METRO CASH & CARRY Urban logisticsLogistics centreGermany 50
OSMO INGENIERIE Technical design officeService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 5
PROPRIOO Low-commission real estate agencySales officeFrance 10
PROXITÉ Mentoring for young people from priority neighbourhoodsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 5
RÊV'ELLES Assistance and guidance programmes for vulnerable young womenService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 5
ROADSURFER Motorhome hireSales officeGermany 3
RUBIS CONTROL Metrology, microscopy and tomographyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Switzerland 8
SENATOR INTERNATIONAL International freight serviceSales officeGermany 20
SOLENCIEL Helping women into work through cleaning servicesService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 5
SUPER HUMAINNeuroscience-based management consultancyService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Netherlands7
THE HR COMPANY HR support for SMEsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Ireland10
TIER MOBILITYUrban mobility: electric scootersService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)Germany 35
TRANSPORTS JC MERMET Intercity freightLogistics centreFrance 14
VIENS VOIR MON TAF Support platform for finding internshipsService production (inc. Maintenance/Support)France 5