Aderly offers a range of services to help the businesses it supports in the Lyon region to set up new locations and develop their activity. Corporate real estate, Human resources, employee mobility, the search for funding…

Let’s look at the services that make all the difference!


Contacts with real estate companies, finding premises, organising site visits, assistance with engineering… Aderly offers real estate solutions tailored to the needs of your business project in Lyon.

Out of the 65 companies that set up new locations in 2022, 26 received real estate support and 12 found a real estate solution thanks to the Agency.

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With its financial engineering consultancy, Aderly offers tailored support to help identify possible funding streams for selected eligible projects.

In 2022, 113 funding services were delivered on behalf of 71 companies representing more than 7.5 million euros in guarantees, grants and subsidised loans. 



Aderly has an HR team working on behalf of its companies, with an advisor seconded from Pôle emploi, the French unemployment support agency.

64 business projects received advice and/or support in 2022.
This represents 171 human resources services:

  • 58 advice and appointments
  • 79 recruitments for 30 companies
  • 32 salary quotations

5 companies committed to an integration policy have signed the new charter of 1000 with the MMIE in 2022.

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Because starting work in a new city is also the beginning of a new life for employees, Aderly helps companies to arrange mobility for their staff.

In 2022, 24 services were provided to 15 companies (housing searches, impatriation, international education).

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Why is Lyon a great place to start you business?


Lyon is one of the best places to invest in France, and even in Europe. It is located in the middle of Western Europe, with quick access to Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

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High quality of life and services

Lyon is also one of the best cities to invest in France. Real estate and the cost of living are much lower than in Paris, while offering the same level and quality of services and leisure. There are multiple universities that train students in a lot of sectors: law and economy (Jean Moulin University Lyon 3), business and management (ESCE International Business School, Emlyon Business School…) or science, technology and engineering (Claude Bernard University Lyon 1), etc. In those institutions, you will find new talents to strengthen your teams!

The quality of life is also renowned. Lyon attracts many new habitants from all over the world every year. It is for example known for its incredible cuisine, with many specialties such as quenelles or tabliers de sapeur, served in typical little restaurants known as “bouchons”.

It is also well known for its Parc de la Tête d’Or (Golden Head Park): 117 hectares of nature in the centre of the city, with a lake. Lyon is also home to many museums (Musée des Confluences, Fine Arts Museum…) and concert halls. For all these reasons, Lyon is a great place to live, which makes it easier to attract you future collaborators!

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Lyon has always been an economic powerhouse within France. Nowadays, traditional sectors are still thriving, while new sectors have been emerging with time. Today, the digital industry is very present, thanks to the many tech companies that chose Lyon, such as Agicap ou Lumapps. In recent decades, the city has also strengthened its cleantech sector, with Boralex, InovaYa or Inevo Technologies.

Scientific research is also an important sector in Lyon. There are currently 550 public laboratories, including the French National Centre for Scientific Research, the largest fundamental science agency in Europe. The University of Lyon is also renowned. Immunology, oncology, nutrition and health and neuroscience are some of the most thriving local fields of research.

Finally, tourism, with a focus on ecotourism, is also one of the most important economic sectors in Lyon. Each year, 6 million visitors come to visit the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourvière, the Institut Lumière, the medieval city and to enjoy the local gastronomy.

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Aderly is by your side to help you achieve your business projects in Lyon.