A shared perspective with Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner & Rotterdam Partners [under a EU-funded Project INNOSUP-05]

Lyon, Berlin and Rotterdam decided in March 2021 to join force and bring collective intelligence forward to European SME about the Access-to-Talent challenge in the framework of an European-Commission-funded project.

Last June, the Investment Promotion Agencies of the 3 areas (resp. Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner and Rotterdam Partners) held their Closure meeting and shared their conclusions about initiatives to attract, develop and retain Talent for the benefits of SME.

After 15 months of collaborative work, many course of actions were discussed, challenged, put into perspective with some key fundamentals: SME must adapt, Cities must play a stronger role, University and Higher Education must open up even more towards SME, and IPA must act as catalyzers.

Discover the Presentation of TALENT Projects Conclusions