The ONLYLYON place branding campaign was launched in 2007 by thirteen regional institutions and co-financed by Greater Lyon and the Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The ONLYLYON brand, a pioneer in France and across Europe, promotes the city worldwide, with over 26,000 ambassadors working on a local or global basis.

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, ONLYLYON invited its partners and ambassadors to a gala event at La Sucrière on 12 October 2022. Focusing on its ambitions, ONLYLYON presented its new strategic roadmap, expressed by:

  • a new visual identity, and
  • a new marketing campaign.


The brand is evolving and remodelling in line with new social challenges. These changes have become a necessary means to maintaining the brand’s edge. Its mission to promote Lyon will continue to hinge on three values – “Humanism, Cooperation and Audacity” – and a corporate purpose: “Taking action together, here and elsewhere, to make Lyon a welcoming and attractive city for the long term.

This direction is reflected in the campaign’s new corporate identity, which highlights the brand’s anagram and human capital to express Lyon’s energy and vitality. There is one logo for the generic brand and others for the sub-brands ADERLY/Invest in Lyon and ONLYLYON Tourism and Conventions, with variations for partners and ambassadors.

The ONLYLYON marketing campaign is called: Taking action here. Changing tomorrow. It is represented by five characters in five separate episodes, to reflect the men and women whose involvement in the region is the perfect manifestation of ONLYLYON’s ambition to encourage every citizen to contribute to an inspiring, innovative, audacious and responsible model for Lyon. The campaign addresses these challenges with maturity and commitment.

The first episode focused on Ambre Eppler, the founder of NOWOS, a company that collects and repairs batteries. Thanks to ADERLY’s support, Ambre decided to set her company up in the Lyon region, choosing a former factory in Amplepuis for her workshops. The project was perfectly in line with Ambre’s values and commitment.

ADERLY is proud to support this campaign to make Lyon and its region a place where everyone wants to live! Discover more campaign details here and watch the Ambre Appler video now: