Founded in 1974 jointly by the Métropole de Lyon, the CCI Lyon Métropole Saint-Étienne Roanne, the Rhône General Council and the MEDEF Lyon-Rhône, Aderly is a non-profit association under the 1901 law.

Co-chaired by the President of the Métropole de Lyon and the President of the CCI Lyon Métropole Saint-Etienne Roanne, the governance of the Agency is made up of a Board of Directors of 23 members, representing around sixty active members and partners, regional players.


Aderly members

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Our missions

Identifying, selecting, convincing
Establishing and supporting

Promoting the Lyon region and providing support

for new projects, creating value, investment and jobs.

Our services

Aderly covers all the stages of business development or start-up projects in the Lyon region. It supports all types of businesses, from SMEs to major corporations, in all the sectors of activity that make up the economic landscape of the Lyon region. The Agency offers a range of services funded by its members and tailored to individual companies’ needs.


Finding premises and property, organising site visits, providing engineering support, carrying out energy audits.
Contacts with real estate players: agencies, co-working spaces, incubators, business centres etc.


Identifying funding levers: grants, investment funds.
Contacts with the BPI (Public Investment Bank) and other organisations.


Economic data, market overviews.
Contacts with business networks, competitive clusters, R&D partners and laboratories.


Administrative formalities.
Contacts with legal and tax consultants, accountants and banks.


Employment data, recruitment support, jobs for spouses.


Housing, supporting arrivals from other countries, international schools, presenting the benefits of the Lyon region and organising promotional tours of the area.


Integrating new arrivals into the community.
Communication after setting up.
Connection to the ONLYLYON Ambassadors network.

These services are provided by Aderly’s experts in setting up businesses. They have in-depth knowledge of their sectors and of the Lyon region’s ecosystem, and work every day to ensure the long-term success of your projects!

Our territory: the Lyon region

The scope of Aderly’s operations includes the entire real estate portfolio offered by the Agency to the companies it supports. This highly diversified region presents many opportunities in terms of start-up locations and buildings: offices, business premises, logistics zones, mixed activities, laboratories, co-working spaces etc. It includes:

  1. Lyon Metropole
  2. Saint-Etienne Metropolitan Area

  3. Porte de l’Isère Urban Community

  4. Vienne Condrieu Urban Area

  5. Plaine de l’Ain Industrial Park 

  6. Pays de l’Arbresle Multi-Municipal Community 

  7. Monts du Lyonnais Multi-Municipal Community 

  8. West Rhone County Urban Community 

  9. Garon Valley Multi-Municipal Community

  10. Vallons du Lyonnais Multi-Municipal Community

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