Aderly: a strategic resource in the region’s transformation

The Agency’s 2022 roadmap is in line with that of 2021, focusing efforts on projects with positive impacts (social, environmental, industrial, cooperation and regional impacts) while continuing to boost economic impact, in particular by incorporating the following three aims:

  • The Lyon area’s ecological transition, by prospecting companies offering technologies that contribute to this shift,
  • Industrial renewal, to strengthen the region’s economic resilience and autonomy and develop the new industries of tomorrow,
  • Solidarity and local job creation, by prospecting Social Economy (SE) companies through a collaborative venture set up with Ronalpia in 2017.

To reflect this evolution, the Agency’s objectives – set at an overall level of 60 projects per year – now include a series of performance indicators, including a target of 40% projects with one or more impacts, 10 SE projects and 15% projects set up outside the Lyon metropolitan area, in line with the aim of developing areas outside the city.

To achieve this, the Agency’s prospecting plan has been built on 11 strategic areas for action in four key sectors:

  • One health, including food and social services of general interest
  • Eco-friendly transport, including urban logistics
  • The ecological transition, including sustainable construction, energy, the environment and reducing consumption of digital technology
  • Industrial renewal, including heavy industry and textiles

In addition, Aderly has also included in its objectives the contribution to the development of integration and return-to-work tools, such as the MMIE (Maison Métropolitaine d’Insertion pour l’emploi) with which it has built a joint action program.