Management and facilities

Aymeric De Mollerat Aymeric De Mollerat Deputy Director Contact
Corinne Chirat Corinne Chirat General Secretary Contact
Aurélie Magnin Aurélie Magnin Communications Director Contact
Stéphanie Gros Stéphanie Gros Information Systems and Reporting Director Contact
Christine Deschaux Christine Deschaux Procurement and CSR Director Contact
Astou Thiam Astou Thiam Accounting and Human Resources Director Contact


Claire Manhes Claire Manhes Mobility Advisor Contact
Marie-Pierre Gottwald Marie-Pierre Gottwald Human Resources Advisor Contact
Peggy  Le Moine Peggy Le Moine Human Resources and Employment Services Advisor Contact

Prospective & Innovation

Cédric Grignard Cédric Grignard Prospective and Innovation Manager Contact
Mathilde Samuel Mathilde Samuel SDG Project manager Contact

Business location & Districts

Rémy Chevrier Rémy Chevrier Location & Districts Manager Contact
Margaux Rosier Margaux Rosier Corporate Real Estate and Location Advisor Contact
Sébastien Brasier Sébastien Brasier Financial Engineering and Location Advisor Contact
Amélie Debuchy Amélie Debuchy Location Advisor Contact
Pauline Mayoud Pauline Mayoud Business Development/Location Advisor - West Lyon Area Contact

International desk & Relocalisations

Frédéric Miribel Frédéric Miribel International desk & Relocalisations Manager Contact
Armelle Gros Armelle Gros Location Advisor Contact
Yukiko Vincent Yukiko Vincent Business Development/Location Advisor - Japan Contact
Florent Gerbaud Florent Gerbaud Reshoring Advisor Contact

Business sectors

Marie-Laure Alonso Marie-Laure Alonso Business Development/Location Advisor - Industry Contact
Julie Berliet Julie Berliet Business Development/Location Advisor - Digital sobriety and SSE Contact
Adriana C. Toma Adriana C. Toma Business Development/Location Advisor - Life Sciences Contact
Sandra Tisun-Lepinoy Sandra Tisun-Lepinoy Business Development/Location Advisor - Mobility & urban logistic Contact
Laura Elek-Hernandez Laura Elek-Hernandez Business Development/Location Advisor - Food Contact
Adrien Cattin Adrien Cattin Business Development/Location Advisor - Energy Contact
Flavien Deguilhaume Flavien Deguilhaume Business Development/Location Advisor - Environment and sustainable construction Contact
André Dubuisson André Dubuisson Business Development/Location Advisor - Societal interest services Contact


Gauthier Dubos Gauthier Dubos Manager & Communications Project Manager Contact
Gérard Auboeuf Gérard Auboeuf Private Partnership Manager Contact
Lucile Bruyères Lucile Bruyères Social Media Manager Contact
Kristin Mangold Kristin Mangold International Networks Manager Contact
Sonia Dhaoidi Sonia Dhaoidi Tools and Skyroom Manager Contact
Emmanuelle Sysoyev Emmanuelle Sysoyev ONLYLYON Programme Coordinator Contact