Management and facilities

Bertrand Foucher Bertrand Foucher CEO Contact
Aymeric De Mollerat Aymeric De Mollerat Deputy Director Contact
Valérie Godin Valérie Godin Human resources & Talents Contact
Stéphanie Gros Stéphanie Gros Information Systems and Reporting Contact
Christine Deschaux Christine Deschaux Procurement and CSR Contact
Astou Thiam Astou Thiam Accounting and Human Resources Contact


Claire Manhes Claire Manhes Relocation Contact
Nora Guermam Nora Guermam Humand Resources Contact

Business location & Districts

Sébastien Brasier Sébastien Brasier Head of Solution Services Contact
Margaux Rosier Margaux Rosier Corporate Real Estate Contact
Amélie Debuchy Amélie Debuchy Project Management Contact
Pauline Mayoud Pauline Mayoud Project Management - Ouest Lyonnais Contact
Robin Abric Robin Abric Financial engineering Contact

International & Marketing desk

Frédéric Miribel Frédéric Miribel Head of International Development & Marketing Contact
Armelle Gros Armelle Gros Location Advisor Contact
Yukiko Vincent Yukiko Vincent Business Development/Location Advisor - Japan Contact
Aurélie Magnin Aurélie Magnin Communications Contact
Cyril Gouedard-Comte Cyril Gouedard-Comte Marketing and communications coordination Contact

Business sectors

Prisca Dalle Prisca Dalle Head of Business Development Contact
Julie Berliet Julie Berliet Social Economy Contact
Laura Elek-Hernandez Laura Elek-Hernandez Food Business and Industries Contact
Adrien Cattin Adrien Cattin Energy Contact
André Dubuisson André Dubuisson Green Building Contact
Florent Gerbaud Florent Gerbaud Healthcare and Life Sciences Contact
Damien Vessereau Damien Vessereau Industry Contact
Sory Diakhite Sory Diakhite Mobility - Data, IA and cybersecurity Contact


Gauthier Dubos Gauthier Dubos Head of ONLYLYON Contact
Lucile Bruyères Lucile Bruyères Social Media Contact
Sonia Dhaoidi Sonia Dhaoidi Animation partners and teams Contact
Polina Derkach Polina Derkach Communication Contact
Célia Daultier Célia Daultier Relational Marketing Ambassadors Contact


Emmanuelle Sysoyev Emmanuelle Sysoyev Strategic Development - INVEST & ONLYLYON Contact
Marie-Laure Alonso Marie-Laure Alonso Partnerships Contact