Nowos, a Netherlands-based company founded in 2019, repairs lithium-ion batteries, namely those used in bicycles and scooters. The company targets professionals such as bicycle manufacturers or fleet managers. Nowos focuses on two pillars of the circular economy:

– Extending the lifespan of batteries. Nowos reuses and repairs these batteries to minimize their carbon footprint.

– Eco-design and services such as studying battery sustainability, providing information on regulations and certification, etc.

Nowos called on Aderly to help launch its first subsidiary in France. The company wanted the Agency’s help for various services such as finding premises in Villeurbanne for the head office and in a more rural area for its factory, now based in Amplepuis, in the Rhone Valley Metropolitan Community. The Dutch company also asked Aderly for assistance in recruitment and communication.

The group’s ambition is to create around 20 jobs by the end of 2021 and even more in the future.

Finally, Nowos hopes to pass on its know-how by developing a training center within 2 years.

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