Talent Attraction, Development & Retention – A Challenge For European Sme

A shared perspective with Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner & Rotterdam Partners [under a EU-funded Project INNOSUP-05]

Lyon, Berlin and Rotterdam decided in March 2021 to join force and bring collective intelligence forward to European SME about the Access-to-Talent challenge in the framework of an European-Commission-funded project.

Last June, the Investment Promotion Agencies of the 3 areas (resp. Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner and Rotterdam Partners) held their Closure meeting and shared their conclusions about initiatives to attract, develop and retain Talent for the benefits of SME.

After 15 months of collaborative work, many course of actions were discussed, challenged, put into perspective with some key fundamentals: SME must adapt, Cities must play a stronger role, University and Higher Education must open up even more towards SME, and IPA must act as catalyzers.

Discover the Presentation of TALENT Projects Conclusions

Thierry Aubrun – Granuplast France SAS

Granuplast is a plastic recycling specialist created in September 2020 and based in Jassans-Riottier.

The company collaborates with sorting collectors to collect plastic from collectivities. Thanks to their plastic treatment process, the group can reintegrate the recycled material into the industrial circuit and therefore reduce pollution.
If Granuplast achieves its objectives, the factory will transform 100 to 120 tons of products per day.

ADERLY has acted as an investigator for the company since it was looking for a site. The Lyon agency therefore directed them towards a building to be renovated to launch this positive impact adventure!

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Théo Synakowski – Merci René !

Merci René is a Toulouse-based Scop specialized in space planning for professionals. Its ambition is to optimize the social and environmental impact of its clients by working alongside social economy actors such as the Emmaüs Atelier, the Recyclerie de Trévoux and Tizu.

With the ambition of setting up in Lyon, Merci René has benefited from Ronalpia‘s Implantation program in partnership with Aderly.

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Masahito Saito – Nagase Sangyo

Nagase&Co is a Japanese company specialized in the cosmetic industry, established in Lyon since 1901. 

After opening a sales office in 2017, it opened its own research laboratory in 2021, which enabled it to enter into collaboration with Lyon-based actors such as the Hospices Civils de Lyon, the IBCP laboratory specialized in the biology and chemistry of proteins, and the European Dermocosmetology Center, Cosmet’in Lyon.

ADERLY supported the establishment of this new laboratory by offering mobility solutions, particularly for the impatriation of Nagase employees.

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Invest in Lyon receives the European Investment Promotion Agencies in Lyon!

“If you want to run fast, run alone. If you want to run far, run together”.

Cooperation will always be stronger than competition, moreover in economic development.

The European metropolitan areas are facing major common challenges, but also lead the way towards a more sustainable and balanced development when supporting #FDI. After years of networking and in the midst of a pandemic, cooperation has once for all overtaken competition among a group of European Investment Promotion Agencies.

13 of them were gathered in Lyon upon the invitation of the Aderly/Invest in Lyon Agency for a 2-day session on the new stakes that they all face in Northern and Western Europe re. environmental transition, employment, positive-impact investments, reindustrialization measures, circular and proxy economies, etc.).

A second one-of-its-kind project is in progress, and you should shortly hear of the #ChooseEurope initiative!

More than ever, we are joining forces!

Greater Zurich Area Choose Paris Region amsterdam inbusiness Rotterdam Partners Helsinki Partners Invest Stockholm Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH Vienna Business Agency FrankfurtRheinMain GmbH International Marketing of the Region Invest in Bavaria – The Business Promotion Agency of the State of Bavaria Catalonia Trade & Investment Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Lyon have worked in complete transparency in order to build useful outcomes and practices based on our common values and expectations.

36 hours of work, trust and collaboration to design vision-based operational solutions.

Stay tuned!

Bernard Tannoury – Benta Pharma Industries (video in French)

Benta Group is a Lebanese pharmaceutical group that decided to set up in the Lyon area, more specifically in Saint-Genis-Laval.

Being part of the Lyonbiopôle ecosystem has proven to be a real opportunity for the group. This company, with its passion for pharmaceuticals, has thus decided to set up in Saint-Genis-Laval and transfer all products from its R&D to the facility. It will also add a pharmaceutical incubator and a biotechnology incubator.

After taking over the premises of a struggling company, Benta Group nonetheless managed to save 116 jobs and set up in the Lyon area in order to be steeped in the region’s pharmaceutical expertise.

Benta Group received support from ADERLY, benefiting from its HR, legal and financial services. ADERLY, thanks to its network, enabled the pharmaceutical group to get in touch with local stakeholders, as well as with the Public Investment Bank. Benta Group has received all the assistance it needs to ensure a long-term presence in the Lyon area.

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Xavier Fechner – Maroquinerie des Pierres Dorées (video in French)

La Maroquinerie des Pierres Dorées works alongside French luxury brands, manufacturing leather goods such as components for luggage and bags. The company has been part of Saint-Etienne’s Jaboulay group for 5 generations. The group, with 150 employees, decided to open a second facility in Bully.

The leather goods firm, thanks to its partner, the Lyon Technical Institute for Leather (CTC), very quickly called upon ADERLY.

The company wanted to recruit between 30 and 35 people, and 120 to 150 within 5 years. ADERLY therefore enabled La Maroquinerie des Pierres Dorées to find an area with a talent pool conducive to its growth. First of all, the Agency introduced the group to various local stakeholders, in particular the Pôle Emploi job agency, to meet its labor needs. Currently, the Bully facility is on a ​​1,000 sq. m. site, which will allow the hiring of an additional 70 people starting next year. In the next 3 to 5 years, La Maroquinerie des Pierres Dorées is planning to go even bigger, with the construction of a new facility in the same area in order to continue this strong momentum.

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Rachid Lamchachti – Symbio (video in French)

Symbio, a company based in the Isère region, is an expert in designing and producing hydrogen systems for light vehicles and commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Symbio has equipped 300 vehicles that have driven some 3 million kilometers, and the firm aims to become the world leader in hydrogen mobility.

The project aims to build Europe’s largest hydrogen systems production plant in Saint Fons, in the heart of Lyon’s ‘Chemical Valley’. It will be able to produce 200,000 units per year. This same site will house the Symbio Hydrogen Academy, which promotes new knowledge and expertise in the hydrogen field. Symbio called upon ADERLY for help in recruitment and training projects. The Agency brought together stakeholders in the Lyon metropolitan area based on the group’s needs. Symbio, thanks to this drive, recruited more than 200 people in 2020, with a true desire to do even better. This year, Symbio is working on the Symbio Hydrogen Academy project, including an 18-month program to prepare future engineers for professions in the hydrogen field.    

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Yann Le Tolguenec – Les Ateliers Amasco (video in French)

Les Ateliers Amasco is a nonprofit based in the greater Paris area that offers fun, educational workshops for children aged 6 to 13. This nonprofit aims to reduce the socio-educational inequalities created during school vacation periods. Les Ateliers Amasco ensures that these workshops are beneficial to everyone, regardless of income level, and that they are accessible to children with disabilities or behavioral problems, as well as those with “dys” disorders such as dyslexia.

Les Ateliers Amasco is located in three regions: Grand Est, the Paris region and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Lyon, the birthplace of the SSE, was the first region in which Les Ateliers Amasco set up satellites. Ronalpia and ADERLY supported the nonprofit in getting set up in the Lyon metropolitan area. First of all, Les Ateliers Amasco benefited from increased visibility through a press release on ADERLY’s media (website, social networks, etc.) when the organization arrived in the region.  At the same time, the association was able to rely on ADERLY’s Human Resources Unit to help it with recruitment, in particular through its partnership with the Pôle Emploi job agency. Les Ateliers Amasco also benefitted from the Agency’s fundraising efforts.

Finally, the ADERLY network enabled the association to meet with valuable bodies of influence such as city councils, schools, and partners such as Ronalpia.

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Ambre Eppler – Nowos (video in French)

Nowos, a Netherlands-based company founded in 2019, repairs lithium-ion batteries, namely those used in bicycles and scooters. The company targets professionals such as bicycle manufacturers or fleet managers. Nowos focuses on two pillars of the circular economy:

– Extending the lifespan of batteries. Nowos reuses and repairs these batteries to minimize their carbon footprint.

– Eco-design and services such as studying battery sustainability, providing information on regulations and certification, etc.

Nowos called on Aderly to help launch its first subsidiary in France. The company wanted the Agency’s help for various services such as finding premises in Villeurbanne for the head office and in a more rural area for its factory, now based in Amplepuis, in the Rhone Valley Metropolitan Community. The Dutch company also asked Aderly for assistance in recruitment and communication.

The group’s ambition is to create around 20 jobs by the end of 2021 and even more in the future.

Finally, Nowos hopes to pass on its know-how by developing a training center within 2 years.

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