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Public transport in Lyon

TCL (Public Transport System of the Lyon area) it’s :

  • 4 subway lines,
  • 2 funicular lines,
  • 6 tram lines
  • and over 120 bus et trolleybus lines.

The system serves 73 towns, i.e. 1.3 million people across a territory of 746 square km!

See the TCL map and all lines and services on the website.


Real estate and living costs

Cost of living :

Choosing Lyon means choosing a better quality of life! Lyon offers its residents a pleasant living environment that’s just the right size, along with a lower cost of living than in larger urban areas: for an equivalent quality of life, Lyon costs 30% less than Paris.

REALESTATE Download the presentation on real estate costs in Lyon proper and neighbouring towns.

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If you’d like to compare the cost of living of your current city and future destination, try this website for expats: https://www.lecoutdelexpat.com/

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The Lyon employment area

The local economy, the labour market and sectors of activity:

Download our presentation on the Lyon employment area

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International education

The Lyon region covers all education needs, from nursery school to university, including several with programmes specifically for children from foreign countries, with dual nationality or who are bilingual.

See our 2019 guide to international schools.

Confluence Museum at Lyon , France

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