Symbio, a company based in the Isère region, is an expert in designing and producing hydrogen systems for light vehicles and commercial vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Symbio has equipped 300 vehicles that have driven some 3 million kilometers, and the firm aims to become the world leader in hydrogen mobility.

The project aims to build Europe’s largest hydrogen systems production plant in Saint Fons, in the heart of Lyon’s ‘Chemical Valley’. It will be able to produce 200,000 units per year. This same site will house the Symbio Hydrogen Academy, which promotes new knowledge and expertise in the hydrogen field. Symbio called upon ADERLY for help in recruitment and training projects. The Agency brought together stakeholders in the Lyon metropolitan area based on the group’s needs. Symbio, thanks to this drive, recruited more than 200 people in 2020, with a true desire to do even better. This year, Symbio is working on the Symbio Hydrogen Academy project, including an 18-month program to prepare future engineers for professions in the hydrogen field.    

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