Following our conclusions from a 15-month collaborative work, financially supported by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020/Innosup-05 programme around Talent, Invest in Lyon, Berlin Partner and Rotterdam Partners reported all shared and discussed information and ideas which are relevant to the issue of attracting Talent for European SME. This work led to the edition of a Design Option Paper, downloadable on the European Commission’s Knowledge Database CORDIS).

Here are some “food for thought”, directly taken from the report:

  1. Even though SME are directly concerned by attracting and on-boarding Talent among their teams, they cannot face this alone: several other economic players must take their fair share on a joint effort
  2. Public local authorities, training and higher education entities, and economic development organizations are also liable to co-build satisfactory and matching conditions in their cities, to co-foster attractive ecosystems where Talent will feel at home, to co-develop inspiring and lifelong learning professional contexts.

With no surprise, attracting, retaining and growing Talent is happening the crossroads of many environments – professional, educational, territorial, where quality of life, personal and family-based development opportunities, meaningful actions are as important as career growth.

It is with great pleasure that we share the results of our collective work fuelled by 3 European cities – i.e. Lyon, Berlin and Rotterdam, looking forward to raising awareness for some of our SME Leaders, raising questions for others, triggering some actions to take for the rest, and hopefully being inspirational more globally for the relevant business networks and clusters.


***Download the full Design Option Paper***