Out of all the companies Aderly supported in 2021, we wanted to hear what 3 of them had to say about their experiences. Here you can find out everything you need to know about their business sector, their plans to establish a presence in the Lyon area, the support they received from Aderly, their development prospects, and much more besides!

Granuplast France Sas

  • Activity: Plastic recycling
  • Project: Creation of a unit to manufacture plastic pellets using secondary raw materials
  • Impacts: Environmental
  • Origin of capital: France
  • Jobs in 3 years: 50

Thierry Aubrun, Founder and Chairman

“We receive plastic balls from scrap collectors and sorters. […] And in the end, we produce pellets. The long-term aim is to process 100 to 120 tonnes of plastic per day.”


Merci René

  • Activity: Environmentally sustainable land development 
  • Project: Development of reuse and upcycling in collaboration with SSE organisations in land development projects
  • Impacts: Social and environmental
  • Origin of capital: France
  • Jobs in 3 years: 4

Théo Synakowski, Branch Manager

“At Merci René, we aim to maximise the social and environmental impact of our clients’ facilities. […] We work with local SSE players (Atelier Emmaüs, Tizu, Recyclerie de Trévoux, etc.).”

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Nagase Sangyo

  • Activity: Development and sale of raw materials for the cosmetics industry
  • Project: Creation of a new laboratory to develop a model of the skin
  • Impacts: Cooperation
  • Origin of capital: Japan
  • Jobs in 3 years: 6

Masahito Saito, Global Director, Cosmetic Ingredients

“The Lyon office specialises in the field of cosmetic raw materials. In addition to its sales activities, the Lyon branch opened its own laboratory last year to promote the development of the group’s cosmetic ingredients.”

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Are you planning to set up a business in Lyon, and would you like to know more about support from Aderly?