Out of all the companies Aderly supported in 2020, we wanted to hear what five of them had to say about their experiences. Here you can find out everything you need to know about their business sector, their plans to establish a presence in the Lyon area, the support they received from Aderly, their development prospects, and much more besides!

Maroquinerie des Pierres Dorées

  • Business: Manufacturing leather and textile products in the luxury goods sector
  • Project: Setting up a production plant in Bully (Pays de l’Arbresle municipal community – CCPA)
  • Impacts: Social and local
  • Source of capital: France
  • Jobs within 3 years: 100

Fechner Xavier, CEO  

“Building on its strong growth, the Jabouley group decided to establish a second production site, and we chose Bully as the location. (…) There are currently 30–35 of us working at the site. In three to five years, this will increase to 120 to 150 people. The idea was for us to set up in a catchment area that could support that kind of recruitment.”



  • Business: Repairing lithium-ion batteries
  • Project: Setting up a reconditioning plant in Amplepuis (COR)
  • Impacts: Environmental, social and local
  • Source of capital: Netherlands
  • Jobs within 3 years: 100

Ambre Eppler, Co-founder 

“We are going to try to develop what is known as the circular economy in order to minimise the carbon impact of these batteries and enable them to be kept in use for as long as possible.”

Nowos Portrait

Les Ateliers Amasco

  • Business: Fun educational workshops for children promoting learning and equal opportunities
  • Project: Bringing the concept to the Lyon region
  • Impact: Social
  • Source of capital: France
  • Jobs within 3 years: 3

Yann Le Tolguenec, Lyon manager

“The aim and ambition of Les Ateliers Amasco is to ensure that holidays are a positive experience for everyone, regardless of income. (…) and also to welcome children who find it difficult or impossible to find their place in the wider community, such as children with disabilities, learning difficulties or behavioural issues etc.”

Amasco Portrait


  • Business: Design, production and marketing of hydrogen systems for light and commercial vehicles
  • Project: Establishing a hydrogen system production plant in Saint-Fons
  • Impact: Production and environment
  • Source of capital: France
  • Jobs within 3 years: 300

Rachid Lamchachti, Human Resources Director

“Our project involves building the biggest factory in Europe for hydrogen systems. It will have the capacity to produce 200,000 units a year. It will also house the Symbio Hydrogen Academy, whose goal is to anticipate knowledge transformation and new skills relating to hydrogen.”

Symbio Portrait

Benta Pharma Industries

  • Business: Pharmaceutical production
  • Project: Taking over a pharmaceutical site in receivership in Saint-Genis-Laval (Lyon metropolitan district)
  • Impacts: Social and production
  • Source of capital: Lebanon
  • Jobs within 3 years: 135

Bernard Tannoury, Founder & CEO 

“We took a strategic decision to establish a base in Europe, and we chose Lyon in France. (…) We studied the ecosystem for pharmacy and biotechnology development in detail and found that it was advanced and well developed.”

Famar Portrait

Are you planning to set up a business in Lyon, and would you like to know more about support from Aderly?