In November 2021, Aderly brought together for 2 days in Lyon, 12 economic development agencies (IPA) from the largest cities in Western and Northern Europe around issues that bring them together, environmental transitions, employment, impact investments, local production and the (re)industrialization of territories by betting on regional circuits.

Among these agencies, Invest Stockholm wished to express itself on these exchanges of good practices and in particular on the socio-economic studies that Aderly has been carrying out for several years.

Anna Gissler - CEO and Erik Krüger - Head of Investments and Locations

Hello Lyon! We are really delighted to collaborate and also in a way to participate in this competition with you in Lyon, you are a great example of development in many aspects and also good partners in many ways. We were also interested in the studies on the socio-economic footprints that Lyon has carried out to know the impact of the companies established in the territory over the past ten years.