Always focusing on openness, Aderly aims to be a recognised player within Europe, a potential lever for the pooling of resources and the sharing of best practices. Now a member of the executive board at EURADA (the EURopean Association of Development Agencies), the Agency works every day to strengthen its links with European peers that are also seeking to develop through European projects.

This goal recently led to the creation of a consortium of three European economic development and innovation agencies (Berlin Partner, Rotterdam Partners and Aderly), with the aim of sharing best practices to deal with the problems of attracting, retaining and creating “talents” on behalf of SMEs in their respective territories. 

Here Aderly hands over to Esteban Pelayo, Director of EURADA, and Ingrid van Hanswijk Pennink, Strategy, Process & Business Intelligence Manager at Rotterdam Partners, to talk about the relationships that have been built up over several years.


Lyon and Rotterdam are both “second cities”, which means we have strong capitals that also attract FDI. So we need to work a little harder to show potential investors that our offer is just as interesting, if not more interesting, for our clients.

The Club IPA Europe is a solid platform where European IPAs can share their ideas and concerns, find solutions and learn best practices from each other in a safe environment. We treat everyone’s information with respect and confidentiality. We never lose sight of the fact that we are “friendly” competitors. 

Aderly and Rotterdam Partners have been working on the European Talent project for several years, collaborating with Berlin Partner. We have already learned a great deal from each other and formed a strong and precious bond.

Ingrid van Hanswijk Pennink Strategy, Process & Business Intelligence Manager ROTTERDAM PARTNERS

Eurada is the European Association of Development Agencies. We help the regional economic practitioners to cooperate, and to make the most of the opportunities in the European Union.

For us, Aderly-Invest in Lyon, is a very important member. I remember the first time that we met them, their vision of European themes. They have a network, a group of people working in foreign direct investment to share practice. This is the spirit of of Eurada and that’s why for us, Aderly is very important. The involvement of Aderly is quite relevant for us because they bring us this spirit and as well they are bringing us a tailor-made approach to support member services.

In particular for us, it is very important to have Cédric Grignard in the Executive Committee and Invest in Lyon on the Board of directors of Eurada. They are helping us in the governance of Eurada in a moment of transition. We are a network, and we have to provide more and more services to members. In particular, Cédric is going to lead a task force about our relation with the European Union, making them more predictable and more useful for the regional economic practitioners. So thank you, and congratulations to Aderly for this year of excellent work at Eurada.  

Esteban Pelayo Director Eurada