Les Ateliers Amasco is a nonprofit based in the greater Paris area that offers fun, educational workshops for children aged 6 to 13. This nonprofit aims to reduce the socio-educational inequalities created during school vacation periods. Les Ateliers Amasco ensures that these workshops are beneficial to everyone, regardless of income level, and that they are accessible to children with disabilities or behavioral problems, as well as those with “dys” disorders such as dyslexia.

Les Ateliers Amasco is located in three regions: Grand Est, the Paris region and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Lyon, the birthplace of the SSE, was the first region in which Les Ateliers Amasco set up satellites. Ronalpia and ADERLY supported the nonprofit in getting set up in the Lyon metropolitan area. First of all, Les Ateliers Amasco benefited from increased visibility through a press release on ADERLY’s media (website, social networks, etc.) when the organization arrived in the region.  At the same time, the association was able to rely on ADERLY’s Human Resources Unit to help it with recruitment, in particular through its partnership with the Pôle Emploi job agency. Les Ateliers Amasco also benefitted from the Agency’s fundraising efforts.

Finally, the ADERLY network enabled the association to meet with valuable bodies of influence such as city councils, schools, and partners such as Ronalpia.

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