In 2021, 62 companies were supported by Aderly.
They should generate the creation of 1,132 jobs over the next 3 years. 


2021 results

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Project and job breakdown by sector


The biggest sector in terms of companies established and jobs created is services (for both businesses and consumers). This sector accounts for 26 newly established companies and 442 jobs within three years. The other four sectors (ecotechnologies, industry, life sciences and digital technology) add up to more or less the same number of projects. However, the industry sector created the most jobs (260, an average of nearly 24 jobs per project). 

Geographical origin of the capital


When it comes to sources of capital, the ratio of 60% French projects to 40% international projects remains stable compared with previous years. Europe is still the global region responsible for the most newly established companies, with 57% of the international results. However, countries vary widely from one year to the next.

Source of the projects set up


The projects identified by Aderly’s business development/location advisers come from direct contacts (60%), promotion and close relationships with the Agency’s partners (i.e. Business France) and decision-makers.

Business set-up locations

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Companies established in 2021

Cleantechnologies 8 companies / 72 jobs

Company nameParent company activity Site activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
HELIOSANDSolar-energy transformation of desert sand into sand for construction Production services (including maintenance / support)France4
LEO&GO (VULOG LAB)Car-sharingSales agency France13
MTD FRANCEInstallation of water equipmentProduction services (including maintenance / support) The Netherlands 5
NEOEN LYONRenewable energy productionProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 15
PILI LYONBiomanufacturing of colorants using microorganismsProduction services (including maintenance / support)France10
PRILUX FRANCEDesign, manufacture and sale of lighting solutionsSales agencySpain12
STOR-H FRANCEManufacture of hydrogen cartridgesSales agencySwitzerland3
SWAPFIETS SAS FRANCELong-term bicycle fleet rentalsProduction services (including maintenance / support)The Netherlands10

Industry 11 companies / 260 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
CIRISSawmillProduction services (including maintenance / support)France10
COOKSON CLAL LYONTransformation, recovery and sale of precious metals (jewellery)Logistics centreGermany40
EDILKAMIN FRANCEManufacture and distribution of wood stovesSales agencyItaly15
ELS SPELSBERG LYONManufacture of electrical systems and electronic housingsSales agencyGermany5
GRANUPLAST FRANCE SASPlastic recyclingProduction services (including maintenance / support)France50
INTERDRINKS LYONBeers: kegs, taps, bottles, home-brewing kits, etc.Logistics centreBelgium10
IVECO BUS LYONPredictive maintenance for urban and inter-urban busses and coachesProduction services (including maintenance / support)Italy10
MASTERGRID (AIN)Design and manufacture of Ultra High Voltage equipmentProduction services (including maintenance / support)France20
MOSCA EMBALLAGE LYONPackaging solutionsSales agencyFrance10
PANZERI FRANCEManufacture of indoor and outdoor lighting solutionsSales agencyItaly10
VALEO SVAInnovative systems for next-generation vehiclesProduction services (including maintenance / support)France80

Digital 6 companies / 190 jobs

Name companyParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
A5SYSApplication development & DataProduction services (including Maintenance / Support)France 20
B-SHARPE FRANCEFinancial, banking and insurance servicesR&D centre Switzerland5
ECODAIR LYONReconditioning and reuse of computer equipmentProduction services (including Maintenance / Support)France 40
FOODLES LYONFoodservice using smart fridgesProduction services (including Maintenance / Support)France 50
TURBULENT FRANCEVideo game developmentProduction services (including maintenance / support)Canadda 25
VIRTUOS LYONVideo game productionProduction services (including maintenance / support)Singapore50

Life sciences 11 companies / 168 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
3DCELOSurgical devices for implantation of dental prosthesesProduction services (including maintenance / support)France25
AMRAY FRANCERadiation protection equipment for healthcare professionalsSales agencyIreland8
BIONET EUROPE LYONVaccinesR&D centreThailand15
BLS FRANCE (RESPIRATOIRE-MIL20)Manufacture and sale of negative-pressure respiratory protection devicesSales agency Italy 10
CAREANIMATIONS SAS LYONSolutions for understandable medical information for patients and healthcare stakeholdersSales agencyThe Netherlands4
DERMATECH/COMPLIFE LYONDermo-cosmetics consulting and testingProduction services (including maintenance / support)Italy 10
ISALYS CLEANROOM LYON Design and furnishing of cleanrooms (health, agrifood and foodservice)Sales agencyBelgium 5
KEENTURTLE (SIÈGE LYON)Solutions to detect and prevent medication errorsR&D centreFrance 35
NAGASE EUROPA GMBH LYONRaw materials for the cosmetics industryR&D centreJapan6
OSTEON MEDICAL EUROPEManufacture of dental prosthetic implantsPolicy centre Australia25
THERAPANACEA LYONAI for radiation therapy and new drug developmentR&D centreFrance25

Services 26 companies / 442 jobs

Company nameParent company activitySite activitySource of capitalJobs in 3 years
ATCHOUM LYONRural carpoolingProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 3
AUDENSIEL HEALTHCARE LYONHealth industry consultingProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 20
CATALYS LYONHuman Resources consultingProduction services (including maintenance / support)France15
COURSIER.FR LYON Last-mile logisticsProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 70
DABBA LYONReusable containers for restaurantsProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 20
EDILIZIACROBATICA FRANCERope aerial work for building maintenance and renovationProduction services (including maintenance / support))Italy 20
EPPC LYONReal estate development consulting for local authorities, investment funds, etc. Production services (including maintenance / support)France5
EVERLI FRANCEOnline grocery marketplaceProduction services (including maintenance / support)Italy 35
FOOTBAL ECOLOGIE FRANCE LYONEnvironmental protection, awareness of ecological issuesProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 6
FRICHTI LYONFoodtech – meal deliveryProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 25
GIAMBRONE & PARTNERS FRANCELaw firmProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 10
KABUBU LYONFosters social and professional inclusion of exiled people through sports Production services (including maintenance / support)France 3
KAVARLY LYONHR consulting and administrative streamliningR&D centreFrance 40
LEHIBOU LYONFreelance IT platformProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 10
MERCI RENÉCircular economy, sustainable environment facilitatorProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 4
MURFY LYONHome appliance repair and repackagingProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 60
PANDAT FINANCE LYONCash investment brokerSales agencyFrance 15
PSAI CONSULTING SAINT-ETIENNEBusiness software publishing, assistance and maintenanceSales agencyFrance 10
REPAIR AND RUN LYONBicycle repairProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 10
SELF & INNOV LYONFiscal assistance for small companies and startups.Production services (including maintenance / support)France15
SIGNE DE SENS LYONSolutions for access to information, culture, reading and learning for people with disabilitiesProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 5
SILVERGOAt-home careProduction services (including maintenance / support)Belgium 5
SOLREM SAINT-ETIENNEEnvironmental servicesSales agencyFrance 5
TRACES DE VIE SAINT-ETIENNEHospital biographyProduction services (including maintenance / support)France3
VIAPIX SYSTEMS LYONEngineeringSales agencyFrance 13
WILLING LYON Transformation and performance consultancyProduction services (including maintenance / support)France 30